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You Get This Result When You DON’T Attend Conferences

You Get This Result When You DON’T Attend Conferences & Trade Shows

Glad that I stopped by”, said Victor, at AICPA Tech+ Conference in Orlando, one of the topmost conferences in the Accounting profession. I asked him “and why are you saying that?” His answers shocked me.

Victor (real name), was an experienced CPA. He was one of the two partners who operated an accounting firm for 19 years. Differences with his partner’s thinking were making him unhappier every passing year. Growth opportunities passing by due to his partner’s risk-averse nature were frustrating him. Victor was ambitious and had immense confidence in his talents. But he was feeling like a bird chained to the ground – unable to fly high despite having strong wings!

He was just passing by my company’s booth and one of the words on my booth backdrop caught his eye. After a few minutes of discussion, he felt surprised. He said:

Just learning the possibilities has liberated me from the clutches of my fears and worries”.


That was the thrilling feeling Victor went home with.

Attending the industry conference, he learned that solutions exist for every challenge. He finally created his own practice that he now runs his own way! After 19 long years!

What if he had not attended the conference?

You would get the exact opposite result when you DON’T attend industry conferences.

No Liberty!

Here’s how:

You Miss Out The New Value You Can Bring Back to Your Practice:

Imagination. It is a great gift if you are born with it. But even the most gifted person can’t really imagine all possibilities. There are professionals out there who work hard and invest their hard earned money to imagine and create NEW benefits for your practice. You simply miss them when you don’t attend these conferences.

If you don’t know what you don’t know, how do you search for it on Google?

You Lose The Opportunity to Get Free Sales Coaching:

Don’t you want to be great at sales to grow your practice? You know how challenging it is. And sales training costs tens of hundreds of Dollars.

But, you can get absolutely free training when you interact with the exhibitors at the trade shows. They are (most likely) well-trained sales people. Even when you don’t really intend to buy, you can learn a lot by just speaking with the salespersons at booths. E.g. how presentable (or not) they are? How do they smile? Which words do they use? How they identify the fit? How they make you comfortable? How the establish a quick rapport with you? and so on. You can learn a ton of things about sales within few hours; just by interacting with the exhibitors. You even get a practice of how to speak with strangers – very useful experience when you go prospecting!

You simply miss these opportunities by not attending the conferences.

You Miss Out New Answers to Old Questions (and New Questions!):

Technology. Vendors. Thought Leaders. Competitors. They are all trying to invent and innovate to optimize their business opportunities in new ways.

To reduce costs. To be more productive, efficient and effective. To increase profitability. To find new ways to do things. To create new services. To be better. To be faster. To create competitive advantages.

By not attending the conferences, you lose the opportunities to find out new answers to old problems. And you also lose the insights to know about new questions facing your practice.

Don’t miss out! Get out there and lead your practice to new horizons.

Some 2016 Accounting and Tax Trade Shows and Conferences

2016 New Jersey Accounting, Business & Technology Show: May 18-19, 2016. Meadowlands. NJ.  Meet Pransform at this show.

Scaling New Heights: May 22-25, 2016. Paradise Island. Bahamas.

PASBA 2016 Spring Marketing Conference:  May 23-26, 2016. Baltimore.

2016 California Accounting & Business Show & Conference: June 01-02, 2016. Los Angeles. Meet Pransform at this show.

AICPA Practitioners Symposium and Tech+ Conference: June 05- 08, 2016. Las Vegas. Meet Pransform at this show.

2016 New York Accounting Show & Conference: July 13-14, 2016. New York. Meet Pransform at this show.

Sage Summit 2016: July 25-28, 2016. Chicago.

Midwest Accounting & Finance Showcase: August 23-24, 2016. Chicago. Meet Pransform at this show.

PASBA Fall Management Conference:  Nov 07-10, 2016. Memphis. TN.

Which Trade Shows and Conferences You Attend?

Know of more accounting and tax conferences and trade shows? Please share here!


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