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LinkedIn as A Channel to Generate New Leads for Your CPA Firm

As a CPA firm, it doesn’t matter how many people do you know, it matters how many people know your firm. The audience reach means your firm should reach out to the right people. LinkedIn is one such place to reach out to the right people for your CPA firm.

LinkedIn is by far the most effective professional network to generate business leads. It isn’t just a social networking platform. It was built mainly for professionals for sharing ideas, B2B communication, marketing, recruitment, and publishing purposes.

Why LinkedIn?

According to, LinkedIn has over 645 million users worldwide. It is present in over 200 countries. It has around 58 million users in the US alone, the figure is expected to reach 66 million in 2022.

These user stats become more compelling if you consider the fact, most of the users on LinkedIn are top professionals. Top managers, C-Suite executives, and professionals are all present on LinkedIn.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers little for inactive users. Approximately 40% of LinkedIn users are daily active users.

These are all spectacular indicators from a marketing perspective. These numbers look even greater from a business-to-business marketing point of view. As a CPA firm, you can reach out to businesses of all sizes to offer them services.

Let us get you through on using LinkedIn for marketing and lead generation.

Creating a Company Page of LinkedIn

Creating a company page on LinkedIn means entering the network of professionals. You should create a company page with a professional outlook. Include your company logo, vision, and mission statements that represent your business on all platforms.

Just like other social media platforms, use attractive but professional cover photos for your business page. Also, create member profiles of your key employees. It will create a professional impression and also help you in customer engagement.

Create specific segments for offering key services such as taxation, accounting, payroll, and so on.

Plan an Appealing Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn

Just as you focus on niche segments in your CPA industry, focus on niche marketing on LinkedIn. Your lead generation through LinkedIn would start with an appealing marketing strategy.

Decide what type of content you’ll create, when to publish, and the frequency of publishing marketing content. Remember, a consistent approach in marketing would yield better results for you.

Devise your marketing plan by keeping your target persona in mind. For instance, whether you want to attract small businesses for accounting services or large businesses for taxation services. Your marketing strategy should be tailor-made with the target audience in mind.

Creating Compelling Content for Your LinkedIn Audience

Your marketing content is what will affect the readers most. Create appealing and eye-catching content that your CPA firm’s success stories. Even if you’re a newbie, compelling content would create a decisive impression on your readers.

Some business owners make the mistake of treating the company page space for their personal branding. Never do that with marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. Fully utilize the content space for company promotions, blogs, offers, service descriptions, and user engagements.

Show Your Capabilities to your Audience

What’s better in marketing than showing your audience your achievements. Again, be cautious to include the company’s success stories and service descriptions rather than personal ones. You have got separate individual profile space for that.

You can ask for customers’ referrals, recommendations (a unique LinkedIn feature), and reviews that boost your company profile’s credibility. For beginners, you can create an outline of your work approach, pricing strategy, and offers to attract customers.

Increasing Visibility – LinkedIn Publishing

You can increase the company profile’s visibility on LinkedIn in several ways. LinkedIn publishing is one of them. It’s a dedicated space for writing content and engaging your target audience. Go catch your reader’s attention there!

You can also boost page visibility on LinkedIn by:

  1. Posting appealing content, blog posts, company updates, and offers on peak hours.

  2. Consistently posting relevant content for your target audience.

  3. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups for your industry as well as target customer base.

  4. Utilizing LinkedIn sponsored ads.

  5. Sharing visuals, video content, and slide shares for effective marketing strategy.

Engaging your Audience – Businesses and Individuals

You can communicate with your target audience from your personal and business accounts. It means you can reach out to businesses as well as top managers of your target businesses too.

LinkedIn offers unique opportunities for professional business engagements. You can post quizzes, FAQs, informative content, and Call-to-Action posts on your business profile to improve audience engagement.

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