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CPA Marketing Challenges: The Edutainment Edition


  • Content marketing goals can be divided into 3 E’s specifically education, entertainment, and emotion.

  • Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

  • Your content should provide actionable value tips to your audience.

  • Employ checkmarks to evaluate the quality of every piece of content.

  • Edutainment is a scale rather than an MCQ with only one correct answer.

Have you ever wished you could peer inside the mind of your target audience and find out what makes them tick? The answer lies in the 3 E's of content marketing, specifically education, entertainment, and emotion.

As we continue to survive in a fast-paced, capitalistic world, preferences for content consumption continue to evolve. With the advent of social media, every individual is not looking for content from just one of the above categories but rather a judicious mix.

To put this in perspective, would you rather hire an accountant or any other professional who can lip-sync to a trend or one who takes time out every day to provide actionable insights?

The need for edutainment or education plus entertainment is rooted in generating curiosity and providing actionable knowledge without boring your target audience to death.

The question of the hour then becomes, how can you incorporate Edutainment in the marketing strategy of your CPA/accounting/tax practice?

1. Employ your knowledge to provide value:

Utilize your industry expertise to provide uniquely valuable insights and outlooks that your target audience and customers are unaware of or often tend to overlook.

2. Employ checkmarks:

Every time you create a piece of content, irrespective of the medium used to circulate the same, ask yourself specific targeted questions to understand the quality of education and entertainment the piece provides. Example: Is this entertaining? Why should I not scroll over this content? What captures my attention?

Pro tip:

Setting up a checklist or answering the what, whys, and hows of the above from the point of a consumer help you compare your performance against campaign goals even before posting.

3: Edutainment is a scale

Edutainment is a scale and not a multiple-choice question with only one correct answer. For some tax preparers in the USA, especially those in the awareness stages, focusing more on the quality of entertainment might work better.

Nonetheless, in the case of established generational businesses, the quality of education and how useful a piece of content is may matter more.

To conclude, the degree and focal point of your messaging vary from audience to audience and practice to practice. Still, having difficulty integrating edutainment into your marketing strategy? Pransform has got you!

Our in-house team at Pransform boasts of a flawless record and an expansive CPA-oriented client base while specializing in CPA-targeted digital marketing problem statements. Moreover, not only does our team follow the above-stated testament religiously but also provides digital marketing strategizing services to help our clients convert strangers to brand advocates!

Reach out to us today at!

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