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The Digital Essentials your Tax Preparation Firm Needs!

As we prepare to step into the last quarter of this financial year, tax preparation firms have been working relentlessly to solve their major pain points.

Besides operational streamlining and retaining the workforce, in a competitively-saturated world, creating brand awareness and recall value has become quite the challenge.

Hence, two questions ideally come to mind, primarily, what are the various digital avenues available to you, and how can your tax preparation firm leverage them to break through the clutter?

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online tool provided by the search engine behemoth, that provides local businesses the means to control how they appear online. In layman’s terms, it gives you the ability to control what prospective customer sees when they google your business name or your industry.

Google My Business can also help you stand out as Google displays a list of local businesses based on a multitude of factors including vicinity, latest updates, and more when customers search for ‘tax preparation services near me’.

Pro Tip: Updating your address, website, and latest photos and asking existing clients to leave live reviews can help expand your target audience to include younger, tech-savvy generations.

2. Website

Just making a website is not enough anymore. In a digital-first world, your website is your digital identity and primary salesperson. With the advent of technology, your website is usually the first stop for your target audience to gain an insight into your working style, clientele base, and holistic personality of the firm.

Optimizing your user journey and experience through aesthetically pleasing themes, relevant and value-additive content.

3. Social Media

With innumerable platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn with millions of US users each, determining the ideal choice(s) for your business is a battle of its own.

For example, in case your tax preparation form deals exclusively with businesses then, starting on LinkedIn is probably your safest bet. Reaching out with in-mail messages to prospective client executives alongside regularly posting updates and educational content can help grow your business organically.

4. Email Marketing

Although cold emailing, is one of the oldest tricks in the book, a personalized email can help you create brand awareness and quality recall value over time. Providing regular updates, discussing opinions on industry news, communicating special offers, or discussing exclusive solutions to a prospective or existing client’s pain points can go a long way.

To conclude, there are several digital avenues available that our team at Pransform can help you leverage to reach new heights this tax season. Whether it is creating or revamping a website, or establishing an impactful digital presence on LinkedIn, we do it all.

Brainstorm with our experts today!


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