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4 Go-To Marketing Strategies for CPAs during COVID-19

We understand that businesses around the world are being forced to rethink the way they sustain themselves. Accounting and CPA firms are no different. The adoption of remote work, online communication, cloud accounting platforms, and digital marketing has skyrocketed among CPA firms and their clients. More so than ever before, marketing strategies for CPAs and Accounting firms need to be adapted to the rapidly evolving environment.

As businesses continue exploring ways to sustain and thrive during this phase, we’ve enlisted 4 marketing strategies for CPAs to get your digital footprint off the ground. These strategies are not only effective while navigating this crisis, but also set you up for sustainable growth in a rapidly digitizing business environment.

1. Are you visible online?

Make it easy for your customers to find information about you online. Update your Google My Business, get your website in order, and enlist on popular review platforms relevant for your business.

2. Are you selling online?

Make it simple for your customers to browse and purchase your products or services online. Set up a mobile-responsive easy-to-use e-commerce platform or enlist on one that already exists. 

3. Does the community know?

Let your online network know about your business and how it is reacting to this crisis. Leverage the power of social media to gain your community’s empathy.

4. Up-skill yourself

Use your spare stay-at-home time to hone your skills and gain new ones. With countless online courses available, come out of this phase better prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Wondering where to start your online marketing initiative? Connect with our team for a free consultation call.

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