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Does your CPA firm's Google Rank really matter?

An infographic explaining the primary 3 factors that determine the Google Rank of any website in 2023.

First things first, what is a Google Rank? As a search engine, Google aims to provide the most relevant results for all users' queries. Your Google rank indicates where on Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) your webpage is positioned when a user enters a specific keyword.

Historically, the better your Google rank, the higher your odds of exposure, traffic, and revenue. Nonetheless, in the age of tailor-fitted solutions, search engines have been leading the revolution.

But how do tailor-fitted solutions negate the value of keyword rankings and render them inaccurate?

Besides the conspiracy theories, the actual drivers of a Google Rank are categorized into three broad buckets, namely - personalization, device, and location.

1. Personalization:

To better understand, assume you have been visiting the Quickbooks website to learn more about their plans. If you now search for the 'best accounting software USA', Google will probably alter the results to display the Quickbooks US website near the top on the first page.

2. Devices:

Imagine you are a religious Apple convert and input the search query of 'Best Laptop for accounting 2022' from your iPhone - Google will probably push the latest model of MacBook Pro to the top of the page.

3. Location:

Similarly, today if an individual searches 'Best CPA in Phoenix' at 4 PM while sitting in a restaurant downtown, the query to Google reads, 'Which CPA firms are currently open within walking distance of my current location in downtown Phoenix, AZ?'

As such, answering who ranks first on Google for a specific keyword has become a far more challenging task today than a decade ago.

Coming back to the original question, does your CPA Firm's Google Rank really matter? The simple answer is yes. Despite the above, SEO and keyword rankings are very much alive and kicking, after all, everyone is still chasing those limited spots on the first page!

The only difference is keyword research is now the lighthouse for content creation and analyzing tools for search intent instead of the primary factor that defines Google ranking.

Our team at Pransform leverages Google keyword rankings as a metric to improve the relevance and quality of the content and in turn, user experience. We help you develop, revamp and update your digital presence to help you steal a top spot on the first page.

Stay tuned for more interesting information or schedule a complimentary brainstorming session with our experts today!


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