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Why Your Revenue Stays Flat?

And Five New Age Technology Solutions to Help You Boost Earnings

Busy = broke!

I heard this at a recent seminar by a leading business expert. It sent me on a deeper exploration. My company provides services to Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Professionals. And so many of them tell me they are very busy but feel they are furiously running on a treadmill – doing a lot but not getting ahead!

Are you feeling somewhat similar? You want to know how this double helix trap keeps your earnings flat and how these five NEW age technology solutions will help you boost earnings…..

Before you get to knowing the why and the what, it is important to agree that it all boils down to just two fundamental things –

  1. One – strength of your purpose to progress and

  2. Two – strength of your resolve to make it happen

If you do not have adequate strength of purpose and resolve, you can read this article and forget it. Or else you can take this as the trigger to make things happen differently; right from this moment, onwards.

Assuming that you decided to pull the trigger, here is why your revenue stays flat…..

Why Your Revenue Stays Flat?

Barry Moltz, Speaker, Consultant, Author – who gets business owners growing again by unlocking their long forgotten potential, figured out that most small business owners average about 4-5 hours a week in selling and 40-50 hours a week in “doing”.

When you are “doing”, you are not selling. He expressed this as what he calls the Double Helix Trap.

Most likely, your whole business exists because of two key strengths – your accounting/tax knowledge and experience – and hence, because you can “do” (it well), you can sell. And it’s actually the “selling” that gives you something to “do”.

So, the first thing you want is not to fall in this double helix trap.

Five New Age Technology Solutions to Help You Boost Earnings

Nearly everyone has been talking about social media. You know how it gets when you log on to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. If you don’t control your time consciously, you get sucked into the social media vortex and before you realize its lunchtime or even time to go home. It’s so very difficult to figure out real leads and prospects from the tremendous “noise” of information overload that gets you disillusioned fast. But there’s good news!

Social media networking technologies have actually helped people’s desires, fears, curiosities etc. to come out from deep down in their minds and brains, right into the digital world and that gives you huge opportunities, if you had a way to de-clutter the noise and pick the signals clearly. And now there is another good news!

There are new age technologists that have taken the new age information availability and developed complex algorithm based solutions to custom-pick information that is relevant to your business! Here are five such solutions, not in any particular order, that you can use now to help improve your revenue and profit!

  1. A LinkedIn based solution, ranked as #4 fastest rising startup on AngelList according to Silicon Valley Business Journal and Mattermark, uses scientific approach to matching professionals based on a real opportunity to do business. It will help you discover sales leads, job opportunities, job candidates and more. Take a look at Opprtunity (no it’s not a typo, the word is cleverly used as you can see on their website).

  2. Not really a social media based solution but it’s a solution created by a CPA! See Vouchedin where membership is restricted to contract accounting professionals and employers. Free to join and you, as an accounting professional, will pay fees to Vouchedin only if you get real work from clients!

  3. Wisdom says that in your business you must control the controllables to be competitive against the uncontrollables i.e. market forces. Dealing with documents and data in traditional way wastes plenty of valuable time – which you can actually utilize to create revenue. A solution created by a CPA firm that clocks nearly a million Dollars in annual revenue with just a small team can help you too. Workflow4accountants can help you address the Top 10 challenges faced by accounting industry and create noticeable increase in your profits and productivity.

  4. And there’s this intriguingly clever solution that analyzes social media conversations in real time to help you convert customers. It also analyzes user profiles to find relevant information for you. Using this solution, although still at beta stage, you can learn about the people who are already interested in your company, products, and services. Take a look at Venddo.

  5. Have you used Google Alerts? There is a new technology solution that takes the Google Alerts concept further with a deeper integration with social media. It enables you to follow prospects and customers, select your sales triggers based on which it delivers real-time sales opportunities to your web dashboard, inbox, and mobile devices. Check out Gagein.

What I Hope You Take from This Article:

I hope you’ve gotten something valuable from what you read here. I spent a lot of time trying to make sure that the thoughts and information above weren’t something you’ve heard many times before or, if it was, I hope I’ve at least made you rethink your strategies for next tax season.

I hope you got something here that you’re excited to try. And if you experience a different next tax season, I hope you’ll write me and let me know. I’d love to see how you’ve taken action upon some of these suggestions.

If nothing else, I hope you got thinking about what you want to do differently. And that is the one big secret to changing your situation — learn about something that might work and try it; take action. If this article inspired an idea, please write it down before you forget it! And then try it in your practice.

Everything you do or delegate in your business — whether it fails or succeeds — will eventually help you save time and money and serve your clients better. It will help you get better quality of life. Tax season need not be taxing on your life, if you are determined enough not to let it.

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