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Transforming tax season workflow

With the tax season of 2023 approaching full speed, efficiency and effective workflow are two primary concerns for every tax preparer. With last-minute client workload, high turnover, and rising work pressure, 16-hour work shifts end up becoming the norm for most CPAs and tax preparers in the USA.

Here are some tips to ensure an effective and efficient workflow while minimizing overtime:

1. Reporting and updates:

The first step to optimizing workflow is establishing a smooth, effective, and open communication channels. The problem, in most cases, begins when managers fail to provide clear instructions with respect to deliverables of the day or regular work-in-progress updates.

An easy solution to the above is using team workflow applications such as Trello, Microsoft Planner,, or Slack to streamline the division of work, updates as well as reporting.

2. Automate and standardize:

With regular technology, legal, and client priority updates, the workflow deemed most effective a few years ago and established as the standard may have become obsolete.

Spending time to evaluate the current stages of the existing workflow, identifying key problem areas, transfer points of information alongside a detailed analysis often helps optimize the above. Integrating new technologies that help automate routine tasks can mediate the hailstorm most tax preparers face at the peak of the tax season.

3. Bite only what one can chew:

Most tax preparation firms have limited resources - human, financial, or otherwise. The problem of back-aching workloads often begins with an over-enthusiastic drive of trying to accomplish it all, which quickly cultivates long hours, frustration, and burnout.

However, who can say no to regular long-standing clients? The answer - you don’t need to! Delegating low-priority additional caseloads and routine tasks to reputed firms and remote teams can help establish effective workflow alongside maintaining tight deadlines while maximizing growth tangents for your practice.

At Pransform, our Xero-certified remote team managers and members can help minimize your workload so you can focus on your priorities and make short deadlines even with last-minute clients and high employee turnovers.

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