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Best CPA Practices for Tax Season 2023

With the tax season of 2023 almost upon us, all tax preparers and CPAs are swamped with pre-tax season preparations.

For most accountants tax season has become synonymous with long hours, back-breaking stress, and acute anxiety levels together forming a perfect trifecta to obliterating any semblance of work-life balance.

Besides the usual preparation of assessing staff requirements, advance collection of documents, and reviewing client lists, how can you best navigate the tsunami of tax season 2023?

Here are our two cents on some best CPA practices for the upcoming season of 2023.

1. Define and declare client protocols:

Last-minute documentation drop-offs, client referrals, and long lists of untabulated diverse queries communicated on unnecessarily long calls are often the primary drivers of workflow disruption, as well as long stressful hours.

Setting up and communicating clear deadlines for document provision, channels, and timing of communication, as well as response time, is a bare necessity for putting the best foot forward.

2. Shared work-boards and personnel management:

Poor personnel management is the leading cause of loss in effectiveness and efficiency in the form of inaccurate reporting and duplication of work. Creating a clear priority list of tasks to be established throughout the month alongside daily deliverables and individual client deadlines is NOT enough.

The same need to be communicated to the team. Using team management applications such as Slack, Trello,, etc goes a long way in live tracking deliverable statuses alongside tweaking workloads to ensure that the team remains on track.

3. Divide and delegate:

With last-minute sick leaves, high employee turnover rates, and unavoidable last-minute changes, division of work often becomes a necessity and another task on your ever-growing list.

Although we all try our best, keeping to strict deadlines in such dynamics is a near-impossible task. A simple way out, however, is to delegate all non-essential and routine tasks to external remote teams, so you can focus on your primary priorities.

Our team of experts at Pransform gives CPA firms an opportunity to unload each and every task imaginable in the realm of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation so you can destress without worrying about timelines and deliverables.

Our work philosophy aims to cater to every whim and need of CPA firms during tax season to reduce their workload and in turn stress. Whether it is the delegation of routine tasks or the last-minute workload a client pushed, we help you prepare and deliver accurate returns without delays.

With our quick turnaround, round-the-clock support as well as adaptable yet cost-effective remote workforce, we provide you an opportunity to maximize your growth and profits without worrying about employee turnover.

Schedule a session with us today!


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