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What’s in it for me? - The CPA Marketing Dilemma

Successful marketing can be simplified, overly so even in some cases, into a simple matching contest of wants and needs with solutions that fulfill them. In other words, if you can satisfactorily answer the classic question of What’s in it for me? - you end up with a happy and loyal clientele base.

Moreover, the above then becomes the underlying fundamental that drives the modern, traditional, and digital marketing efforts as outlined under:

1. Read between the lines:

Before locking in your target audience, understand the various kinds of wants and needs they have, besides the most obvious ones. More often than not, most humans fail to articulate their own desires, leading to a fundamental mismatch in the problem statement & solution offered. A simple example that is often misunderstood is the iPod. Before Steve Jobs told us, no one realized they needed 10000+ songs in their pocket!

2. Interest and Behaviour:

Proactively tracking the interest and behavioral patterns helps determine the evolving needs and desires while also acting as a fundamental keyhole into designing the optimal customer experience, with Netflix as the perfect example.

3. Custom-tailored deliverables:

Each client is as unique as their business. As such with unique needs, distinctive packages, and commoditization of products or in this case accounting and tax services are necessary.

Hence, establishing high-quality customer service protocols, anticipating needs as well as, awarding customer loyalty while delivering engaging and interest-graph driven solutions, help retain existing customers while converting them into local brand ambassadors.

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