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What Accounting Firms Should Look for in A Digital Marketing Agency

Once you understand the importance of digital marketing for your CPA firm, it’s time to choose the right partner. Digital marketing agencies are all experts in marketing, they’ll all look the same to you. But they aren’t always the same for many reasons.

Accounting firms would naturally evaluate the digital marketing agency with a cost-benefit analysis. Apart from budget, there are other important points to explore such as a proven track record, references, and industry experience.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing has evolved a lot. The advantage of digital marketing is that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can analyze the audience reach, conversion, and success rate of marketing campaigns. However, there are different parameters to evaluate, for instance, brand recognition, audience reach, conversion rate, cost, and so on.

As an accounting firm, you should look for a digital marketing agency that understands your core business. For further clarity, let us explore these important points that you should bear in mind when talking to a potential partner.

Do they have a Proven Track Record?

That’s the first thing you’ll look for in any outsourcing partner. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t work with a new digital marketing agency. A proven track record means the expertise and skill-set of the agency’s talent pool.

If the marketing agency has a proven record, they’ll not shy away from sharing their experience with clients. You can also explore the social proof and references to feel comfortable working with a new partner.

Check out their Web Portfolio

An easier way to explore the expertise of a digital marketing firm is to look at its web portfolio. Although it doesn’t depict the skills and talent pool thoroughly, it will give you a glimpse of what the firm is capable of.

A professionally designed web and an interactive one will leave a lasting impression on browsers anyway. Explore the web portfolio to know the services, expertise, and effectiveness of tools they utilize.

Are they Easy to Communicate?

Digital marketing experts are well-versed with SEO, social media marketing, ads, and campaigns. It’s essential to know at this stage if they can communicate the message well. If they appeal to you as a potential customer, they can deliver the results.

Clear communication with defined goals of your marketing needs will reduce the mistakes, errors, and omissions from marketing campaigns. Importantly, it will reduce your costs of digital marketing campaigns with increased accuracy.

Do they understand Digital Marketing for Accounting Firms?

As an accounting firm, you can evaluate a key point that relates only to you. It’s good to know what your service provider has done in the past. Checking the past references and testimonials is important. Take the test one step ahead, and ask whether a digital marketing agency has served accounting firms.

At Pransform, we pride ourselves on presenting our expertise in digital marketing with focused services for accounting firms. We’ve served the accounting outsourcing industry with a team of professionals and experienced employees. Digital marketing services are our new tools in the bank. Take a look at it!

Is your Digital Marketing Agency Adaptive?

Digital marketing is evolving and dynamic. The industry trends and techniques change rapidly. Coincidently, the accounting industry also follows evolving trends and regulatory changes. Thus, it’s important to partner with a marketing agency that is adaptive and flexible.

An adaptive marketing agency can keep pace with the industry trends. However, it will be added advantage if they can adapt to the trends being followed in the accounting industry. It will ensure effective marketing campaigns for your accounting firm.

The Compatibility Check

Once you have explored a few key metrics for your digital marketing agency, it’s time to perform the compatibility check. You should first analyze the needs of your accounting firm. Set clear objectives and communicate clearly with the marketing agency.

It largely depends on you to judge if both of you can be a good fit for each other. If your digital marketing firm has a background in the accounting industry, it would be an added advantage. Setting realistic expectations at this stage is also crucial for successful, fluent, and long-term working relations.

How Pransform can help you with Digital Marketing Campaigns?

At Pransform, we have an established history of offering accounting and taxation outsourcing services to our clients. We have the right tools for your CPA firm to take your accounting business to the next level. Digital marketing is another key tool in our large armory for expanding the services for accounting firms.

We’d love to hear from you. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency and want to make a mark in the digital world, give us a tap HERE.

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