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Leveraging LinkedIn


  • Today, we explore ways of optimizing your LinkedIn accounts.

  • Targeted, niche-oriented digital marketing services campaigns are far more likely to go viral and attract clients.

  • Consistent posting and content calendars are the answer to achieving long-term goals.

  • Provide as much detail as possible about previous employment, projects, and contributions.

  • LinkedIn posts with the right content, hold tremendous potential to gain new clientele.

LinkedIn as a marketing platform is nothing short of Thor's hammer for accounting and CPA firms.

Boasting the largest network for professionals worldwide, it houses approximately 190 million+ active users in the USA alone, while generating nearly 80% of the total global B2B leads.

Thus, the digital marketing services platform presents you with the perfect opportunity to show off your technical know-how and expertise. However, trouble begins when firms treat the mighty hammer like a common wooden stick.

Several businesses set up expansive business pages on LinkedIn but either are inactive, extremely fickle in posting content, or, worst of all spam followers with aggressive, generic, promotion-oriented content.

Pro Tip: Social media marketing is like going on a date...only talking about yourself without listening to the other person actively, is not going to score you another one.

The key to optimizing and cracking LinkedIn can be summarized in four major principles:

1. The specialization theory:

A highly targeted approach towards any particular niche or industry with respect to any offer is the key to fast pacing from attention retention to lead generation and conversion.

2. The consistency hypothesis:

Regularly posting engaging content that genuinely adds value for industry specialists or provokes emotions in your target audience helps establish recognizable links in their minds while facilitating establishment as a thought leader in the industry. Moreover, creating a content calendar in advance with a planning ratio of 80:20 helps in achieving effectiveness, as well as, efficiency.

3. The reality premise:

Besides regularly posting behind the scenes for different projects (as we do as a social media marketing agency), try to maximize completed employee profiles including professional pictures, detailed job history, and contribution to each firm, to increase their individual as well as the firm's credibility.

4. The scientific supposition:

Echoing Greg Taylor, owner of Telecom Law Attorney, Creativity is an irrefutable foundational pillar of the network, yet LinkedIn is more of a numeric science than art. Let us assume that with every post, you get 500 impressions. This translates to an average of 10 reactions or leads (based on the standard 2% reaction rate), out of which if you convert even one, over say, a period of 3-4 posts, the exposure rate in a month with minimal four posts is nearly the equivalent of a professional exhibition if not more.

Now imagine what a well-drafted, technical, value-adding post targeted to any specific niche or industry or, even better, a schedule could do.

To conclude, LinkedIn is a digital marketing services goldmine for accounting and CPA firms just waiting to be explored.

At Pransform, our expertly trained teams specialize in delivering tailor-made digital roadmaps designed to propel business growth and successfully achieve business objectives across various online platforms, especially LinkedIn. We work tirelessly to help you unlock your business growth potential. Brainstorm strategies with us today at!


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