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3 Ways to Boost Efficiency in the Upcoming Tax Season 2023

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Setting early goals for a successful tax season is critical for you and your clients. You might have already begun the tax season preparations.

It’s pertinent to get a firm grasp of tax changes and new codes for the previous year’s refunds and ratifications. Of course, keeping up with the tax compliance requirements is critical.

However, improving your work efficiency is even more important to boost your efficiency for the tax season 2023.

At Pransform, our experts have a word of advice for you to prepare in time for the tax season 2023.

Be Aware of the Tax Season 2023 Challenges

You can do your best when you know the challenges of the upcoming tax season 2023. We have all seen it in the previous year. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we lived and worked.

Tax season 2022 was extended and a challenging one for accounting firms and their clients. Many regulations and relief packages meant everyone needed to adjust for tax compliance as well.

Before you begin preparing, evaluate the following points:

  • Get a grip on tax compliance changes

  • Know what your clients are looking for

  • Can you offer tax advisory along with tax preparation?

  • Do you have the resources to handle the workload during the busy tax season in 2023?

  • Can you move to value pricing instead of conventional pricing models?

3 Ways to Boost Efficiency in the Upcoming Tax Season 2023

Evaluating these critical points will help you prepare well. You can then work to find ways to boost your efficiency in the upcoming tax season 2023.

1. Communicate With Your Clients Early:

Ideally, you should keep reminding your clients to maintain their financial records throughout the year. Most businesses need to file quarterly taxes as well.

Communicate with your clients early for the requirements of the tax season 2023. Ask them to organize and arrange the necessary documents at the earliest.

Next, ask your clients to report all income. Communicate with them to know how many relief funds they received and which new loans they applied for.

Similarly, tracking expenses requires attention. For instance, check your small business clients whether they have combined personal and business expenses such as shared transportation or meal expenses.

Similarly, tracking fixed assets’ depreciation and amortization of intangibles is important. Your clients might have obtained employee retention credit.

Therefore, the earlier you speak to your clients the better it will get for you. You cannot improve your tax season efficiency if you leave all tasks till the last moment. Planning ahead will ease your workload during busy days.

2. Adopt the Technology That Helps:

The most important part of improving your tax season efficiency is to upgrade your technology. It means upgrading your hard and soft tech equipment at your office.

For example, if you haven’t moved to cloud accounting tools like Xero and QuickBooks, get them as early as possible. Even if you serve small businesses mostly.

Then, think of ways to integrate your accounting tools to improve your work efficiency. For instance, if you are using cloud accounting tools like Xero, think of integrating them with billing software like or Stripe.

Similarly, consider integrating document management tools like Hubdoc or Sharefile. This way, you’ll improve communication and workflow.

Then, think of your remote working tools. You’ll need remote working tools to communicate with your clients and offshore team members.

Although your technology requirements on the scale of services you offer. However, it’s pivotal to upgrade your technology tools and integration efforts to improve your work efficiency during the tax season.

3. Organize Your Office:

Many accounting firms and CPAs fail to ratify simpler tasks at their disposal. For instance, as a tax accounting firm, you should be able to calculate your team's requirements during the busy tax season.

Then, you should provide useful tools to your team to improve productivity. For instance, provide them with collaborative cloud accounting tools where different team members can collaborate.

Similarly, choose your mailing and calling tools carefully. Effective communication is critical for your success. Also, manage and organize client data efficiently to reduce waste of time and improve workflow.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

An effective way to boost your tax season 2023 efficiency is to seek help from a professional outsourcing firm.

Why Consider Pransform?

We are your one-stop solution to all things tax and accounting with several exclusive advantages, including an experienced workforce, increased productivity, personalized attention, as well as a quick turnaround time.

Our team at Pransform strives to make every practice sustainably successful while incorporating growth-friendly best procedures. We work effortlessly to provide the best back-office processing solutions to accounting & tax professionals pan USA.

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