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The Best Remote Working Tools for CPAs

If you are planning to grow your business in the ‘new normal’ of 2021, here’s a breakdown of the best remote working tools for CPAs. You have beaten a challenging last year. CPAs have been through such transitions in the past as well. The optimism with crises is to find opportunities for the future. If the work-from-home and declined social norms have taught us something, it is to embrace the new normal of remote working.

If your CPA firm has already joined the propensity of remote working, you should consider formalizing the temporary shift. It’s never too late if you have been waiting for the right moment. We can walk you through the journey together.

Formalize Your Remote Working Plans

A research report suggested that remote working is going to stick around in “some form” for the next year. While more recently, the WEF shared insights that remote working trends will double in the year 2021.

Researches and insights indicate that remote working will become a normalized course of action for many businesses. The accounting and financial services firms have already been shifting to digitization and remote working. It means you need to formalize your remote working plan at the earliest.

Devise a proactive plan for your remote working. Just a few key points to mention:

  1. Identify the new technological needs for your CPA firms.

  2. Evaluate the compliance and other risk factors.

  3. Evaluate the employee requirements and formalize the working hours.

  4. Evaluate the critical needs for communication and collaboration.

  5. Evaluate the new digital workflow mechanism for your CPA firm.

A formal strategic plan will help you assess the cost-benefit evaluations as well.

Migrate to Cloud-Based Accounting Services

It should become a piece of standard advice for your CPA firm. You can’t shift to remote working without embracing cloud-based accounting services. If you plan a smooth transition to automation, cloud-based accounting would be essential.

A compelling move for your firm would be to partner with a firm that knows the FS industry inside out. Work with a professional firm that specializes in your core industry. Transition to cloud-based accounting seems simple, but it isn’t always.

Assemble the Right Tools for the New Normal

Once you’re done with the formalization of plans, this is where you’ll need to spend most of your time. Automation and remote working culture would require certain tools. By empowering your CPA firm with the right tools, you can survive in the new normal. Maintaining staff productivity and client satisfaction will be enormous challenges.

There is no one-fits-all toolkit for CPA firms shifting to the remote working style. The size and volume of your business may present different challenges. Your outsourced portion of tasks and partnerships will also affect your plans.

However, there are some productivity tools that a CPA firm must embrace for the future of financial services.

Cloud Accounting

You’ll probably need to upgrade to the already accounting software package you are using. Get into the cloud accounting with the industry’s best software from XERO, Intuit’s QuickBooks, or ZOHO.

Collaboration and Communication

Choose the right communication tools that will speed up the working process for you. You can get started with apps like Slack, Zapier, Trello, or Microsoft Teams.

Video Conferencing

Perhaps the recent most trend of remote working is utilizing the best video conferencing tools. Video conferencing will keep up your client satisfaction with a personal touch. It will also improve employee productivity for your CPA firm. Think of the industry’s best apps like ZOOM, SKYPE, and MEET.

Document Management

Combine your remote working with dynamic document management tools. Synchronized working will save enormous time and effort for your employee. Choose the right tools here from Dropbox, Hubdoc, or simply One Drive.

Tasks Scheduling

It wouldn’t seem a distinguished requirement when you have collaboration and cloud-based tools. It really does add a lot to your team’s productivity. Task scheduling will keep your remote working running smoothly. Keep the best of the Zapier, Calendly, or Meetingbird in your armory.

The list is not exhaustive by any means. You’ll need to plan the right tools according to your CPA firm requirements and budgets. Another great option for your CPA firm will be to partner with a firm that possesses all of these tools and much more than it.

Customize Your Tools with Pransform

As we said there is no one-fits-all set of right tools for CPA firms to best serve their clients. In the uncertain and rapidly changing Financial Service industry the need for customization has accelerated. It shouldn’t surprise you if you can’t find the right software for remote collaboration that fits your CPA business as well.

At Pransform, we believe in converting your vision into a reality with the cutting edge developers’ tools. We take the customer-oriented approach, meaning that your requirements get priority over anything else.


We come with industry experience in software development of over 8 years. Combining with our expertise in the financial service industry. We know the CPA firms’ requirements inside out. Take a glance at our customized software development solutions for your CPA firms.


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