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Pransform Checklist: The LinkedIn Posting Version

As branding strategies and social media platforms continue to evolve, LinkedIn feeds seem to be overflowing with personal stories ranging from workplace incidents to entrepreneurial stories. However, the million-dollar question remains: Is LinkedIn still relevant for CPAs and accounting businesses?

In one word, yes. We live in a world dominated by brands based on relative, personal stories, ranging from fashion brands to technology startups. In order to understand the transition from a pure business-oriented platform to a feed flooded with personal insights, it is essential to factor in the revolution of customer behavior.

The question then becomes, how do you walk the fine line between personal and professional? Here’s a simple questionnaire to walk you through the web of LinkedIn:

1. What is your primary objective in using LinkedIn? Building a personal following and network or expanding your company’s reach and lead generation?

2. What is the foremost motive for your posts and activities? Do you aim to encourage or inspire?

3. What is the one line which makes your audience stop mindlessly scrolling? What is it that intrigues them? Statistics or Life stories?

4. If you are starting a personal brand, how are you generating and leveraging curiosity? What value addition is your post providing? Is it an entrepreneurial guide, a work experience insight, or educational content?

5. Although, not mutually exclusive, where does the line lie between professional and personal? Which content is too personal to share?

To conclude, every entrepreneur is different, much like their brands, and as such have different perspectives in life. This questionnaire is to help you figure out your LinkedIn brand identity. Still unsure about personal stories and LinkedIn brand identity?

Reach out to our experts at Pransform and schedule a session today!

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