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How Will You “Wow!” Your Clients In Tax Season?

Hello. Got source documents. Prepared return. Filed. See you next season. Thanks.

Is that the path it goes for you as a tax preparer?

Can you find a way to put in a Wow! somewhere on that path?

Here are some…

  1. The Perfect One. No Taxes Owed. No Refund: What do you do with such clients? These are either the tax-exempt income slab persons or the perfect tax planners. Either way, look for opportunities where they could spend their money in a tax-savvy way next year.

  1. Offer Tax Saving Tips For Next Season: Look for “tax-unsavvy” expenses incurred by the client through the last year. And then tell them “had you spent these “X” Dollars on a,b,c instead, you would have had to pay “Y” Dollars less in taxes this year”.

  1. Lucky You! When You Get Refund, Spend It Like This: Those of your clients who are eligible for a refund, make sure to let them know what to do with that money in a tax effective way.

  1. Send A Groupon or LivingSocial Voucher With Tax Return: as a way of thanking them for giving you an opportunity to be of service to them. Your cost will be much lesser than the actual value they receive! A simple coffee-coupon in a cold season would warm their hearts about you! Add a small post-it note – something like: “Help your friends enjoy our services just as you did. Please refer them to us. They can call us on or email us at .” You bet that these “Marketing Dollars” will give you better ROI than any of your other marketing spends.

  1. Let Your Clients Know Their Tax Brackets, Instantly: to let them quickly know their tax bracket and get an instant idea of their tax liability.

Key Point To Note: Build “Pleasant Surprises” in your package to create that “Wow!”. Gratitude well expressed is what touches hearts!

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