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How to get source documents from clients early?

The most popular poll (with keywords “CPA” and “Tax”) on LinkedIn revealed a very interesting insight into the minds of tax preparers.

26% voters expressly indicated that they wanted clients to turn in source documents in early. And 26% more voters wanted “Family, Healthy Meals & Seeing Daylight”, indirectly indicating that they want source documents in early.

When over 50% of your peers want clients to turn in source documents in early, it is indeed a pressing problem every tax season.

Here is one way to keep “automatically reminding” clients to send their source documents in early….

How do you usually remind clients?

You chase them (well, mostly!).

You call them. You text them. You email them.

You need to take the action of reminding them. It consumes your most valuable time – the time that you can actually use to get new clients. It’s the time you can actually use to earn revenue. Instead, you end up doing something that does not earn you revenue but actually reduces your revenues.

So what can you do differently to reduce “reminders” demand on your valuable time?

Most of your clients would have email ids.

You already communicate with them by emails.

Most of your clients use some type of computerized calendar, either on their emails or on their computers or on their cell phones or tablets.

You want to use the most common calendar feature that helps you set up a “recurring event” on your clients’ calendars.

  1. Microsoft Outlook users : click here to see how to create recurring reminders.

  2. Gmail users : click here to see how to create recurring reminders.

  3. Need help setting recurring reminders in the calendar application you use? Contact us at

What happens when you set up event on client’s calendar?

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

When the clients receive your “calendar invite” and accept (most clients will accept because they are used to getting reminders from you), an entry will be posted on their calendar.

At the time scheduled, repeating every week, if you will, a reminder pops up on their mobile or tablet, an email lands up in their inbox – all automatically! Some mail applications also send out text messages automatically!

All Done!

And their computers do it all! You just set it up once and be done with it! Now you can focus on using your precious time on your most valuable activity during tax season i.e. earning revenue.

Wish you a highly successful tax season.

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