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How to Beat Tax Season Stress? A Restaurant in Thailand Gives You a Hint!

My wife and I recently dined at a restaurant at Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of those restaurants where you place order for the ingredients – like fresh vegetables, uncooked meat and seafood, eggs, tofu and what not – all uncooked. On your table is an electric appliance – with a wide pan pot. Once the ordered ingredients arrive at your table, the server pours a “secret formula” (water mixed with some herbal seasoning flavors, I guess!) into the pan pot, turns on the knob to turn on heat. All you do is put the ingredients, whichever you want, not necessarily all, into the water and wait for the water to boil and the ingredients to get cooked. Then relish them with a special sauce, again MK secret formula sauce.

While we were waiting for the cooking (actually boiling) to start, something very unique, unusual happened…..

Why Should There Be Stress?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Tax season is certainly for the tough ones, at the accounting and tax preparation firms that is. But it does not have to result in too much stress and the gloom of the monotony.

Many firms have found ways to cheer up; have fun and do something to reduce the stress levels of the staff during the tax season.

The Amused Diners!

Most MK restaurants have a long waiting line so the servers and the staff are really really busy. What this MK restaurant did to reduce the stress levels of the servers and to reduce the effects of the monotony of their job was quite unique and certainly amusing.

Suddenly, a music piece started to play across the entire area of the restaurant. The servers and staff tapped their feet in a few well-choreographed dance steps, clapped their hands and made chorus sounds. By the time I could start the video recording on my smartphone, it was all over. After that very short break, you should have seen the smiles on the faces of the servers and absolute amusement on the faces of the diners!

Why Did They Dance?

I went and asked the manager why they made the staff dance. Is it a marketing idea? She said, “No, it’s to motivate the staff!”

What Will You Do As The Tax Season Enters into a Sprint?

What can YOU do to make your employees feel good as the tax season peak starts? Incentives, perks, celebrating milestones, music, something unique? Please share your ideas…

Watch the “MK Employee Motivation Dance” video (someone did manage to record and upload to youtube) – click here

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