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Extend Your Happy Holidays Into Tax Season!


You read it right!

The most popular poll (with keywords “CPA” and “Tax”) on LinkedIn revealed a very interesting insight into the minds of tax preparers.

26% voters expressly indicated that they wanted clients to turn in source documents in early. And 26% more voters wanted “Family, Healthy Meals & Seeing Daylight”, indirectly indicating that they want source documents in early. In other words, more than 50% of voters wanted a better-balanced work-life during next tax season. How about taking a little holiday, every day during the tax season?

Before we head into how you can extend your happy holidays into tax season, here is Pransform wishing you a very happy holiday season. Enjoy your precious time with your precious loved ones.

And while you still have some time on your hand to prepare for your next tax season, get your computer systems to automatically do tasks that you do manually. Pransform can help you set up some quick apps to help you get it done.

And if you need some extra help, get in touch with Pransform ( Our trained staff can work remotely for you, using our world-class, safe IT infrastructure.

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