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Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways Accountants & Tax Preparers Can Tame Tax Season

We all want progress. We work as fast and as productively as possible, so we could do more yet have time to enjoy the money we earn in “the season”. We want to do more at work, enjoy more time with our near and dear ones, and have more time to relax, refresh and reflect.

But it doesn’t happen. Not in tax season for sure.

In the tax season, all you actually end up doing is to focus on “keeping up”. To accomplish what you could, you have to do much more than ever before. You are worried about burnout and you end up being behind in your work. You always worry about one thing:

How do I keep up?

To tame the tax season without worrying about how to keep up, you want to take these 5 actions…..

1. Ditch The Email; Pick Up The Phone

At a normal pace, you can speak about 200 to 300 words in a minute. You can “think and type” about 40-50 words a minute. In the same time you take to create an email, you can accomplish 3-4 times more if you just speak! Ditch the email whenever possible.

2. Stick to Schedule

Come what may, start your day at exactly the same time everyday. Start and finish your lunch exactly at scheduled time every day. Set up a recurring reminder on your cellphone or computer to prompt you to “drink water” every two hours. Decide upon a schedule and conscientiously stick to that schedule. Human brain picks up habits quickly so sticking to schedule for a few days automatically makes you do it all through. Your brain will kind of subconsciously prompt you to finish that thing on hand before the lunchtime kicks in. Your focus increases with the habit of sticking to a schedule. Train your brain to focus. It will reduce your precious time falling through the cracks.

3. Limiting The Meetings

In every meeting, generally 50% or more attendees are just (pretend?) listening. When time is scarce and there is lot to “keep up” with, meetings can greatly damage productivity. Limiting the number of staff meetings can add 4-8 man-hours of productive time per person per month.

4. Eat Healthy; Sleep Well

Yeah! It’s such a cliché. But decide on some “formula” that you will easily remember. For inspiration, check this world’s most perfect vegetarian meal : Grain, Green and Bean. Buy some fresh fruits and keep them by your desk side. Instead of eating chips, cookies etc., and fresh fruit can keep you fresh!

Tax season means peak volume of quality and quantity of arithmetic calculations (and decisions). Research suggests that the more decisions we make, the worse we get at making them; and it invariably leads to “poor sleep”. Here is “The One Key to Profit AND Sleep” during the tax season.

5. Say NO to Work Others Can Do For You

You have some expertise and experience for which your clients pay you. Do not do the work that does not need your expertise and experience. Did you get an award ever for doing it all yourself? Ask for help and stop trying to be a super-hero. Hire some help. Insource help from a capable third-party. Here are 9 Things You Need to Do to Avoid Being Overworked.

Tax season is taxing on you and your clients. If you can’t keep up, not only you will end up losing ready revenue, your clients will suffer. You owe it to them.

Keep it up!

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