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The Financial Outsourcing Handbook

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

  • A step-by-step guide to financial services outsourcing

  • Define your needs.

  • Determine your budget.

  • Research credible CPA firms, whose offerings match your needs.

  • Do a short trial project before committing to the firm.

Over the past decade, outsourcing has become the buzzword in the industry.

Accounting and finance are some of the most complex yet crucial business elements that necessitate accuracy & expertise. Outsourcing financial functions to remote tax preparers and bookkeepers allow you to concentrate exclusively on your core operations and scaling your business while reducing expenses.

Here's a step-by-step guide to hiring your ideal remote back-office team!

1. The Need:

Before actively searching for the perfect remote bookkeeping firm, spend some time preparing a strategic assessment and exploring the various contributors which manifested into such a need. Thus, it serves the dual purpose of giving you a hiring metric for your CPA firm, alongside cutting out any space for self-doubts about the primary driving needs themselves.

2. The Budget:

Unfortunately, all bodies, artificial or real, have access to definitive and limited sources, which necessitates an optimal proportioning for the ideal results. As such, determine your budget before jumping into the race of finding your perfect CPA partner.

3. Credibility & Suitability:

Post researching the top tax preparation services and firms, some primary criteria to dive through before picking your ideal back-office accounting team includes previous client reviews, tax preparation models offered, certifications, etc.

4. Kickoff:

Like any new relationship, the first few days of your engagement entail plenty of adjustment and understanding. As such, before making an investment, we advise clients to test the waters via a simple trial project to better experience the working style, efficiency & effectiveness of the remote bookkeeping team.

For small organizations, outsourcing finance and accounting has many advantages, including but not limited to access to industry knowledge, better tools, and an ability to scale up or down as needed. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that, that proper actions are a must before you can fully take advantage of the chances that outsourcing offers for your company.

At Pransform, our team of certified remote tax preparers and bookkeeping professionals with several decades of cumulative experience works tirelessly to provide the best back-office processing solutions to Accounting and Tax Professionals. We collaborate closely with accounting & finance businesses and solo practitioners to help them improve productivity, control costs, and save time.

Schedule a call with us today at!

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