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3 Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Accounting and Tax Firm

Accounting and tax firms should invest time and money in lead generation. It is the first step to bringing more business to your firm. Lead generation is a multi-facet task. At Pransform, we offer compelling digital marketing services to our clients. We can take you through whether you are looking for lead generation or any other digital marketing challenges. Let us discuss what is lead generation and our top 3 ways of lead generation for accounting and tax firms.

Lead Generation

A lead is a person that shows interest in your product or service on any of the platforms that you offer. Lead generation means to initiate the interest of your customers. It can be done through marketing campaigns, social media, paid advertisements, and other SEO tools.

It is important to convey the right information to the right people so that you generate the right leads. Remember, initial leads are then converted into sales that are called qualified leads.

3 Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Accounting and Tax Firm

Accounting and tax firms face stern business competition these days. Hence, it is of utmost importance to understand the importance of lead generation. As a prerequisite, you must establish an understanding of key marketing terms. Lead generation is an important marketing concept.

Here are our top 3 ways for you to bring more leads that convert for your accounting and tax firm.

1. Establish Your Brand Identity

A lead is a person that shows interest in your brand. If your brand is not recognizable, you cannot generate sufficient business leads. Establishing and developing a brand identity is the core of your marketing campaign in the long term. Make your brand memorable for your potential clients.

Your brand recognition begins with the brand logo. Make it a professional one or seek help from a skilled professional. Remember, your brand logo will remain the flag bearer of your business identity throughout the business lifecycle. Consider all the elements of setting up the right brand image. For instance, choose your brand colors carefully. Adopt colors that professionally reflect your business industry broadly and your brand image narrowly.

The most important factor with a memorable brand is it builds customer loyalty. Even visitors to your website or social media platforms will make the first impression from your brand image. Even if your brand image does not convert leads immediately, it will create an established identity for your business. In the long-term, it will add to your business reputation and goodwill.

2. Set Up Your Website the Right Way

In this digital era, it is non-negotiable to suggest a business website. Your lead generation starts with building the website the right way. First, it coincides with the aforementioned point of the brand image above. Your business website represents your brand as well as no other tool can.

A business website fulfills the key role of offering useful information about the services you offer. However, if your website is not visible to customers, it is of no use. Moreover, if your visitors do not convert to qualified leads, it doesn’t fulfill the purpose. Build a responsive and professional website. It should work across multi-platforms as more users are mobile browsers nowadays.

A key feature of a good website is it is loaded with the right content. You can include this content in the form of text, images, videos, and graphics. Create compelling content for your audience. It will help you in SEO as well as build brand recognition. Remember, the key point of offering the content is to offer the right information to the users.

3. Invest in Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Accounting and tax firms face stiff competition when it comes to online presence. Search engine optimization of your website is critical to succeeding in such a competitive environment. Local SEO is an integral part of your overall SEO campaign. In fact, a HubSpot report suggests around 46% of Google searches are looking for local information.

SEO strategy can be different for different businesses. For an accounting and tax firm, a few of these tips should work well.

  1. Choose the right web hosting services.

  2. Build a website that is responsive and user-friendly on multi-devices.

  3. Create a compelling and informative landing page.

  4. Build a consistent blog and update it regularly.

  5. Optimize your content for search engines be it text, images, or videos.

  6. Your professional platforms to your advantage such as LinkedIn and Reddit.

  7. Build an Email list as soon as possible.

  8. Invest in paid advertisements across platforms.

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