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3 Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for CPAs

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and users to accelerate their adoption of digital tools. Here are 3 easy to implement digital marketing strategies for CPAs to follow in 2020 and beyond.  

Digital marketing enables you to promote your accounting firm online. Today, when digital consumption is at its peak, it’s crucial to not only have a presence on the internet but also to make it better every day.

Top Digital Marketing Tools for Accounting Firms:

1. Website Marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a way of optimizing your website content with targeted keywords and queries such that your website ranks as a top link on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This will bring organic traffic to your website and increase your engagement with potential clients.

  2. Blogs: As a famous saying goes, content is king. The more quality content you have on your website, the higher it will rank on SERPs and generate organic traffic for your accounting website. Your blog posts can be about anything revolving around bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, taxation, and more. Having helpful content on your website for your clients to read builds your trust in them as a knowledgeable and experienced firm.

  3. White papers: White papers are downloadable PDF documents containing detailed information about a certain topic. White papers can be about auditing, tax laws, ASCs, and more to thoroughly guide the reader on the topic. Having white papers on your website will build up your reputation as a seasoned and professional firm and provide you an opportunity to build your email list of engaged audiences.

2. Social Media Marketing:

It’s been a long time coming but having a social media presence of your accounting firm is crucial in this era. Posting content regularly on your social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter connects you to a larger targeted audience and brings organic traffic to your website.

Having a social media account allows your customers to communicate with you comfortably; however, you must be active enough to satisfy their queries as quickly as possible. Social media marketing for accounting firms is a great way to not only increase visits to your website but also to bridge the gap between you and your clients.

3. Email Marketing:

Email marketing for CPAs is a gateway to directly engage customers directly in their inboxes. By gradually collecting emails of your target clients through subscriptions and pop-up forms, you can communicate your best offers, thoughts, surveys, and ideas directly through email. Your emails should be precise, well designed, and absorbing with a catchy subject line and clear call to action.


An effective digital marketing campaign consists of various moving parts. As a part of our digital services vertical, we help develop and implement digital marketing strategies for CPAs. To get started on a tailored digital marketing initiative for your accounting business, contact our team at Pransform now!

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