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3 Easy Ways for CPAs to Achieve Work-Life Balance

3 Life Hacks for CPAs

A life hack is a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

3 “life hacks” for CPAs who want to make a difference to lives – their own, of their staff and of their clients!

Simple TAA does the trick.

What Can I Transfer?

  1. Are there things that you might be able to do less of or even transfer entirely that aren’t exciting, thrilling and appealing to your real passion?

  2. Are there members of your team who might be interested in swapping responsibilities to open up opportunities to try new tasks?

  3. Are there people or businesses who would love to work with you to take some of those responsibilities, because they are passionate about such things that don’t appeal to you anymore?

What Can I Alter?

  1. Do you have responsibilities that might be altered somewhat to become more fulfilling for you?

  2. Do you have processes that might be altered (Uberized) to make them faster, easier, more profitable?

  3. Are there beliefs that make you do certain things in certain ways?

What Can I Add?

  1. Are there one or two specific tasks you could add that would help you feel more fulfilled?

  2. Are there unclaimed or emerging opportunities you could take on?

  3. Are there more client needs that you are not yet fulfilling?

Adapted from NY Times Best Seller AuthorChester Elton‘s advice.

These are just a few examples. You know yourself better than anyone else. Think of ways in which you can TAA. Please share your TAA ideas here in comments to help other CPAs. Thanks.

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