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3 Benefits of Running Facebook Ads for your Accounting Firm

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Facebook ads are an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. However, only creating attractive ads is not enough.

When done correctly, Facebook ads can be a game-changer for your accounting firm.

At Pransform, we suggest our clients use the best digital marketing tools to increase their revenues, and Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms for business leads.

Do You Need a Facebook Page?

If you have a business website, then having social media presence is a must. You cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing and social media’s impact on your accounting business.

But what if you can’t afford a website yet?

Well, a Facebook page is an effective alternative for your accounting firm. You can create compelling content and attract clients through Facebook.

Moreover, you can utilize Facebook’s business suite tools to turn your page visitors into clients. Thus, you can find a simpler and cheaper online presence tool than managing a website.

3 Benefits of Running Facebook Ads for your Accounting Firm

Facebook marketing is evolving every day. You must know that the organic reach for business pages has shrunk to almost zero.

It means you need to create Facebook paid campaigns to reach out to the clients. You cannot ignore a social media platform that engages around 2.6 billion users monthly.

Facebook ads are the primary channel for running a successful social media marketing campaign. Learning techniques for using the above will help you implement the marketing strategy effectively.

Creating Facebook Ads is Easy and Effective

Unlike the common notion, creating Facebook ads is easy. Even if you don’t have the skill set of a social media marketing agency, you can create them with a few simple clicks.

The most important part is to create an attractive image or video ad for your campaign. Since you wouldn’t have products to show your online visitors, your best bet is to design attractive service images and ad videos.

Moreover, you can use free online tools to create compelling images and videos for your Facebooks ads. Then, you can choose from various Facebook advertisement types that best suit your campaign.

For instance, you can pick one of the following advertisement types:

  • Image or Video Ads

  • Story ads

  • Messenger Ads

  • Carousel Ads

  • Slideshow Ads

  • Instant Experience Ads

Facebook ads are easy to create and can be shared in many ways. However, you should remember the cost factor as well. Facebook’s ads cost differently as per digital marketing services availed from premium spots and timings to durations and target audience.

Target Your Audience Easily

As an accounting firm owner, you already know that you must invest wisely. The same rule applies to your Facebook ads as well.

The good news is you can target your audience as precisely as you want, which means you’ll spend money on reaching out to the right audience and not just for random displays of images.

Based on our experience as a social media marketing agency, here are a few tips for you to target your audience effectively:

Set Geographical Location

If you are serving clients in a particular location, this should be your first feature to set. Also, you can search for the right audience by setting the right geographical location for your target audience.

Choose the Right Metrics

Then, fine-tune your other target audience metrics such as gender, age, and interests. As an accounting firm, you’d surely be looking to skip teenagers as they don’t represent a significant proportion of your target business audience.

Set Additional Interests

Finally, don’t miss to laser focus your Facebook ads with this additional feature. You can let users see your Facebook ads that have the matching interests you mentioned in your ads.

For instance, set it to someone looking for “IRS tax help” or “accounting solutions near me”.

Convert Leads into Sales

If you have a business website, your Facebook ads can lead your page visitors to the website.

Even if you don’t own a website yet, you can convert your page visitors into your customers easily. It means a successful Facebook ad campaign is equal to dollars in your business account.

With a lot of cool features of Facebook’s digital marketing services toolkit such as a call to action button like a book now, call us, or visit us, it is super easy to convert a visitor into a customer.

When you create attractive ads and target the right audience, you can increase your chances of conversion manifold. Precisely, set your target audience metrics and retargeting criteria accurately so that your Facebook ads reach the right people.

To conclude, as an accounting and digital marketing agency, Pransform boasts of a flawless record and an expansive CPA-oriented client base while specializing in CPA-targeted digital marketing problem statements. Reach out to us today at!

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