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The Consumer-Centricity Phenomenon

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” - Seth Godin

According to Investopedia, customer centricity refers to a business culture that focuses on creating the best experience for the customer and building brand loyalty.

In the present onslaught of new TikTok trends, regular software customizations, and unicorn start-ups, survival has become a primary concern for all. The complex tax laws and cut-throat competition hardly do CPAs any favors while putting customer selectivity as the primary driver of revenue, profit, and survival.

On the face of it, consumer centricity sounds like the most obvious advice in a market run by consumer demands and needs, but often personal bias, lack of technological support, and functional obstacles to accessing user data lead to generic marketing strategies and ineffective branding.

As such, here are 3 best practices for drafting a consumer-centric branding strategy for your accounting practice:

1. Prioritise the customer’s perspective:

Learn to look at the world from your consumer's perspective rather than through the rose-tinted glasses that project your own needs and desires. This inculcates a better understanding of expectations, translating into quality storytelling and jargon-free branding.

2. Say no to sleazy marketing:

Whether it is the age-old follow-unfollow, superficial webinars, or false promises to increase your customer roster, sleazy tactics may get your brand attention, but the retention rate is often low. Moreover, it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of your consumer, creating a lasting negative impact.

3. Design optimal consumer experiences:

Whether it is content marketing, website usability, or quality support, the primary concern is to add value to your customers' lives or provide ease of access because, often, one less click on your website can be the difference between short-term attraction and long-term retention.

To conclude, the best way of integrating consumer centricity is to adopt a data-driven, evaluative approach to understanding evolving customer needs and providing targeted solutions to the above.

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