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What If Only 19% of Your Clients Trust You?

What if someone offers you free money, say $50? Will you take it immediately?

In his bestselling book “Predictably Irrational”, celebrity Author Dan Ariely informs about an astonishing finding about “The Cycle of Distrust“.

Several students set up a booth on the street giving away “Free Money.” Not vouchers for money, not rebates, but actual bills of denominations up to $50. Passers-by only had to approach the booth and take the proffered bill.

What happened next……?

Even with $50’s on offer, however, only 19% of people who walked by the booth stopped and took a bill. The booth ended the day still flush with $50’s that they couldn’t convince anyone to pick up.

Imagine what trust means to your business:

  1. What if only 19% of your clients actually trust you? (how about 81% trusting you?)

  2. What if only 19% of your prospects trust you? (how about 81% trusting you?)

  3. What if you trust only 19% of the people you meet or people who want to meet you?

Trust creates value. And trust creates opportunities. New opportunities. Don’t your clients give you a referral? A referral is simply the client’s trust in you, isn’t it?

Let us trust more.

It does not mean blindly trust anyone or everything. It simply means trust more to uncover and explore more opportunities. Pre-empting your actions based on distrust can cost you huge opportunities. Designing your actions on the premise of trust can empower you, in ways that you never thought would be possible.

Happy Holidays!

To your breakthrough!

Team Pransform

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