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Isn’t this how you earn clients for life?

Years ago, when I was a kid, on a cloudy, rainy season night, I found 5 Rupees (I lived in India then) on the road. In those days, we could buy a loaf of bread in 1 Rupee, so those 5 Rupees simply exhilarated me with joy and I ran home excited. I just went on knocking the door till my mom rushed to open the door. She actually got worried when she opened the door to see me and asked “What happened? Why are you so impatient?”.

“Mom! Look what I got! 5 Rupees! F I V E Rupees!!!”.

“Where did you get it Son?” I said “on the road, near the grocery store”.

My mom held my hand, put on her worn-out flip-flops, and we started walking. I did not know where we were going so I asked, “Where are you taking me mom?”.

“Lets go where you found the 5 Rupees and see if there is someone who lost it and is searching for it!!”.

“But mom, there was no one there.”

“What if YOU lose 5 Rupees now?” asked mom. I instantly felt the pain, even as a kid. I kinda “felt” what she meant. I couldn’t have expressed it then what I am about to write here now.

“My mom instilled in me a virtue that I should always have integrity and I should always look to reduce pain others may have. I should solve problems that others have. I should take away the stress others have and deliver delight”.

I now know why I have a career in services profession. I now know why my clients trust me. They “kinda feel” that I always protect their welfare and benefit with integrity.

My mom left for her heavenly abode about 14 years ago but I never have a moment in my life when I feel she is not with me. Thank you mom! You are the best!

Don’t moms really do the magic to prepare us for our life? Aren’t moms the school, high-school and university that teach us real life?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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