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Get More Done, Make More Money: Stop Doing These 17 Things

A few days back, I wrote Create Your “Not-To-Do’s” List. We got some interesting feedback from accountants. Here are some tasks that accountants want to stop doing themselves.

  1. Stop fixing the Ethernet cables into the router. (Get the IT guy to do it. Or move entirely to cloud.)

  2. Stop importing bank statements into QuickBooks. (Get someone else to populate all data.)

  3. Stop writing instruction / advice emails to staff in the same office. (Talk instead.)

  4. Stop entering data from invoices into accounting software. (Get someone else to populate all data.)

  5. Stop taking backups home. (Move to cloud.)

  6. Stop creating vendor / customer details in accounting software. (Get someone else to populate all data.)

  7. Stop updating my website myself. (Get it done by the specialists.)

  8. Stop entering line items into tax software myself. (Get someone else to populate all data.)

  9. Stop letting incoming calls going to voicemail. (I missed calls from prospects.)

  10. Stop solving basic problems that staff brings to me. (Train them instead.)

  11. Stop drinking too much coffee. (Take more deep breaths instead.)

  12. Stop making some Excel sheet calculations. (Set up custom reports instead.)

  13. Stop asking people where the documents are. (Use workflow / portal software instead.)

  14. Stop visiting some client offices for “doing” work. (Get them to scan source documents to my office.)

  15. Stop going to office half a day each week. (Go out networking instead.)

  16. Stop waiting for referrals. (Start inbound and outbound marketing instead.)

  17. Stop turning down new clients. (Get new capacity soon.)

Are there any we’ve left off this list?

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