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3 Cs of marketing: Creative Compliance


  • A creativity checklist is a necessity in a world of overly complicated marketing practices.

  • Most creative ideas are surprising yet obvious and inevitable.

  • A good creative idea should have the ability to be summarised in one line.

  • Maintain a consistent mood, tone, and style across all elements.

  • Good creative ideas warrant a shock value to break through the clutter.

  • Consistency in quality, quantity, and content elements is a bare necessity

  • Clarity in all elements ranging from creative to copy is the best to ensure clear communication.

Creativity, consistency, and clarity - the three Cs of digital marketing services. In today's write-up, we'll be exploring the nuances of creativity and four rudimentary pillars that form the primary checklist of every 'Got Milk?' worthy idea.


Over the years, as we continue to adapt to a dynamic, consumer-centered economy, marketing has evolved from simple creatives to complex data analytics, customer experience studies, and rigorous product design practices designed by your social media marketing agency.

With such varying needs, the biggest problem of such complexity is determining a definitive checklist to evaluate the creativity and in turn, success propensity of such a campaign or idea.

As such, we have listed four primary pillars to help you form your creativity checklist for marketing:

1. Astonishing, yet apparent:

Every great marketing campaign in history, ranging from Just Do It by Nike or the Red Bull Stratos campaign, relied on the ambition of being surprisingly astonishing, yet the most obvious solutions. The ingenuity of the core idea of every campaign should ideally be to find simple solutions to seemingly complex problem statements.

2. Simplicity:

Every campaign, idea, and creative goal should have the ability to be boiled into a single sentence, making it easier to understand if that one particular sentence excites you. Not only does this bring about a better understanding across the digital marketing services team, but also ensures clear and transparent goals.

3. Craft:

Echoing John Patroulis (Global Creative Chairman at Grey Group), craft is best defined as every element being a perfect expression of the core idea, which translates to simply maintaining a consistent mood, tone, feel, and style across each component of any marketing campaign. It is such consistency in creatives that binds the elements together to form an impactful, cohesive mix.

4. Venturous:

For any marketing campaign or idea to break through or leave any impact on the receiver, it needs to carry a shock value and embody audacity in its expression. Whether it is the Real Beauty Campaign by Dove or Worlds Apart by Heiniken, all stand proof of the above.

To conclude, marketers today need to look through the holistic lenses of entrepreneurship and innovation to create better value by engaging complete models, maximizing the quality of consumer experiences, and measuring effectiveness in tangible business statistics.


Consistency in quality, quantity, and content of all elements of digital marketing services is a bare necessity to develop a relative link in the minds of the target audience. With the onslaught of modern-day advertisements, consistency in mood, tone, style, and color palette helps differentiate your brand. An ideal example of the same is the red-yellow theme and golden arches of Mcdonald's.


Last but never least, clarity defines the success of your marketing campaigns. Whether it is in the intent of the content, simple jargon-free value-addition copies, or high-pixel quality creatives have historically proven as a sure-shot way of ensuring proper communication with your existing clientele and prospective target audience segments.

Thus, at Pransform, a growing social media marketing agency, our teams work tirelessly to formulate and implement tailor-made digital strategies based on your brand’s requirements and customers’ preferences. We help you take complete control of how your customers engage with your brand online. Brainstorm with us today at!

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