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The Bookkeeping Bylaws

  • Bookkeeping necessitates a robust and proactive approach.

  • Separate business and personal accounting.

  • Outsourcing bookkeeping activities facilitates growth.

  • A foundational understanding of principles and jargon is essential.

  • Bookkeeping records need to be filled and organized properly.

Bookkeeping is the necessary evil of every business, irrespective of the scale of operations or industry. Famous for the butterfly effect, it is often described as one of the most tedious, repetitive, and discipline-oriented tasks under the financial umbrella of business essentials.

Although one size may not fit all, there are common threads interweaving the intricacies of the science of bookkeeping, outlined as under:

1. The proactive patronage:

Over the past years, human errors have cost billions to conglomerates globally. Although the former may be minimized, with the increasing complexities of modern regulations, obliteration is an impossible and unfair ask.

A robust and proactive approach to establishing relevant KPIs, checks, and response procedures, especially in foundational areas riddled with weakness, helps anticipate, prepare and avoid repetitive mistakes in remote bookkeeping services.

2. The Separation Significance

While navigating the peaks and valleys of business revenue and financing, using personal finances for getting out of sticky situations may seem like the easiest way out, but is often quite harmful in the long run.

A clear separation between personal and business financials facilitates expense tracking for tax purposes while minimizing personal liability.

3. The Outsourcing Objectivity:

Bookkeeping is a tedious, time-consuming, and mentally exhausting task that not only undervalues your time but also your talent.

Outsourcing to remote bookkeeping professionals allows you to save money, time and avoid unnecessary headaches while giving you the freedom to concentrate on your core competencies.

4. The learning curve

While micromanaging outsourced or in-house professionals is never a good idea, inculcating a foundational understanding of accounting jargon and processes is key to avoiding insider manipulation.

There are innumerable self-help guides, videos, and courses to get you started in the right direction but even picking up quality financial newspapers such as Financial Times or The Economist helps tremendously.

5. The OCD Complex

An easy way to cultivate unethical financial practices or commit financial suicide during tax season is improper record-keeping or leaving bookkeeping on the proverbial back burner. The volume of transactions a business makes, even on a micro-scale of operations, necessitates regular tracking of all transactions in an organized manner, bringing us back to #3 i.e. leave the bookkeeping to professionals!

Our team at Pransform functions seamlessly as your dedicated remote bookkeeping team. Whether it is marketing or accounting and tax preparation, we take care of it all - giving you the freedom to focus on your core business. Boasting of decades of experience, a satisfied client base, as well as regular expert training to ensure a stress-free, holistic bookkeeping and accounting experience for you.

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