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How XERO and Hubdoc Can Increase Your Business Productivity?

Xero and Hubdoc are two efficient tools to manage bookkeeping and accounting needs for a business. You can now combine the powerful tool of Xero to manage the finances of your business with the documents management tools of Hubdoc.

At Pransform, we come across queries from our clients about documents and finance management tools combined. Hubdoc has been a standalone tool for document management for a long time. Thanks to the useful integration of Xero and Hubdoc, businesses can now utilize both tools through Xero.

What Does XERO Offer to Your Business?

Xero is your go-to option for accounting and bookkeeping needs. It’s online accounting software that offers much more than just bookkeeping tools.

Xero lets accountants collaborate and share their account books with their teams and management. It uses cloud accounting technology. Hence, it is equally rewarding for accountants and outsourcing firms.

Some of the top services offered by Xero include:

  1. Payroll Management

  2. Pay bills and receive payments

  3. Bank Account reconciliation

  4. Online VAT return submission

  5. Project Tracking

  6. Invoices and Quotations

  7. Tax Management

Xero offers quality services for businesses of all sizes. It comes with standard safety and security features to securely record your business data.

Some Key features of Xero include:

  1. Cloud-Based Storage: cloud software means you can enjoy the security and collaboration tools at the same time. The cloud technology allows easy access to your authorized personnel from anywhere.

  2. Intuitive Dashboard: If you want to see a clear overview of your business’s financials, Xero is the right tool for you. It comes with a clear dashboard that offers an intuitive experience to the users.

  3. Easy Invoice and Payment Management: Xero makes your invoice and payment management easier. You can send invoices quickly and also store them on cloud storage for later use.

  4. Tax Compliance: You can manage your tax records and tax filing through Xero’s cloud accounting solutions easily.

What Does Hubdoc Offer to Your Business?

Hubdoc makes your record-keeping easier. You can keep your business payments and bills securely in one place. It extracts your business bills from different places and stores them in one place.

Hubdoc has automated the data entry and document collection processes. Accountants can use the automation of data entry to save time and focus more on their prime job.

Here are a few key services that you can avail of from Hubdoc:

  1. Snap and send paperwork

  2. Auto-pilot for bills collection

  3. Export documents

  4. Data collection and collaboration

With Hubdoc, businesses can turn their bills, invoices, and receipts into useful data. Hubdoc comes with OCR management tools that convert your scanned or captured bills into useful data. It extracts valuable information from the OCR documents automatically.

Here are some of the top features of Hubdoc.

  1. Go Paperless with your Bills: Hubdoc lets you go paperless. You can send invoices online. You can also store all of your business receipts and bills online. These documents will be available across multiple devices with a single access to you.

  2. Automation: Hubdoc can extract key information from the captured bills and receipts you scan. It makes the record-keeping faster. Also, it reduces the anomalies in your account books.

  3. Data Analysis: Businesses can store valuable data securely through Hubdoc. It means you can turn that historic data into key data insights whenever you want.

Xero and Hubdoc in Conjunction for Your Business

Xero offers Hubdoc integration for its users. It means you can utilize both powerful accounting and bookkeeping tools to enhance your business performance.

Xero users can utilize the Hubdoc valuable tools to turn captured images of invoices, bills, and receipts into Xero transactions automatically. It means accountants can save their precious time from data entry tasks.

The combination of Xero and Hubdoc means businesses can perform bank reconciliation in a few clicks. The captured data is first turned into data entries for Xero. It then reconciles the transactions against the bank account seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

The integration of Xero and Hubdoc provides further flexibility to businesses. The data entry and documentation process become more efficient. Businesses and accounting firms can fully utilize these powerful tools to offer valuable accounting and bookkeeping services through a single platform.

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