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Accounting and CPA Firms partner with Pransform, Inc. to outsource tax preparation services. We help our clients improve workflow, enhance efficiency, and increase profits,  especially during the busy tax season time of year.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing

Over the past several years, CPA and accounting firms, especially during the busy tax season months have embraced bookkeeping and tax prep outsourcing as a strategy to offer better client service, enhance efficiency and minimize having to hire extra seasonal staff during the busy time of year. Pransfom, Inc. is a US-based tax outsourcing partner with processing offices in Thailand and India that work with accounting firms to ensure that all the regulatory, security, and workflow issues are run smoothly to benefit the firm and clients.

Tax preparation outsourcing improves efficiency in at least three ways. First, it increases the annual billable hours per tax professional by enabling firms to staff for off-season rather than peak-season workload. Second, tax return preparation outsourcing moves firms toward a paperless tax workflow that streamlines and standardizes the preparation and review process. CPA firms often find it challenging to handle the hectic pace of the tax season. Outsourcing their back-office functions saves payroll and other overhead costs and frees up valuable staff and resources, especially during their busiest season.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Improves Client Services

Outsourcing Tax and bookkeeping services can improve your client services in more than one way. By utilizing our service, tax returns turn-around times can be as little as 1 to 3 business days. This will allow you to get the returns to your clients in a matter of days, not weeks, which will delight them, especially if they are waiting for money back from their tax refund. Also when you cut down on the number of mundane file organization and data entry, office tasks, outsourcing tax preparation allows you to concentrate on the much higher level, value-added client services such as financial planning or tax strategies.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Enhances Office Efficiency and Workflow

CPA firms that outsource tax preparation improve office efficiencies in a few different ways. It can increase the firm’s annual billable hours with each employed tax professional by enabling firms to be able to staff for off-season work rather than only the busy peak season. Also, outsourcing tax return preparation helps firms embrace technology and move toward a paperless tax workflow which will standardize and streamline the review and preparation process. You also will not lose any clients in the tax season because of being too busy or swamped, and you will even have the ability to attract new ones. Outsourcing tax preparation relieves your office’s staff of long, dreadful hours during the busy season, which improves morale and allows them have a normal, healthy life style during the crunch time months.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Encourages Use of Paperless Workflow

Tax preparation outsourcing is made possible by using paperless accounting software and cloud-based technologies that actually connect your CPA firm with the outsourcing service provider.

Remote Login process is the most preferred choice used by our clients. It’s a simple three-step process that will aid in your efficiency.

  1. You Send Us Source Documents – You scan the documents and keep in a shared folder on your server

  2. We Connect to Your Computer – We connect to your computer using a secure remote desktop / VPN and process the work.

  3. We Process & Log Out – You come to the office the next day morning & see books updated/ tax returns entered

When the client taxpayer documents are received in your office, your staff scans and uploads necessary documents to Pransform secure cloud file storage. We then prepare the tax returns along with a set of annotated, indexed, and organized digital files that make the tax return review that much more efficient. When a new accounting firm tries out Pransform Inc services, we prepare free of charge, one free individual tax return and one free business tax return so that you have confidence and see the quality of our work.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing keeps Client Data Safe and Secure


CPA firm’s top concerns when choosing a reliable outsourcing partner are – one – the quality of the tax return prepared, and the second is maintaining the privacy and security of the client taxpayer information. Pransform Inc keeps your client’s data absolutely safe and secure with our world-class data center infrastructure.

Pransform Outsourced Tax Preparation Services Include:

  • Arrangement of Source Documents in Digital File Cabinet / Client Portal

  • Tax Calculation Worksheets

  • Entry of tax data into tax software

  • Preparation of draft tax returns

  • Review of processed returns

  • We do Tax Preparation for Accountants, Tax preparation Firms,

  • Individual Tax Preparation: Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR

  • Partnerships Tax Preparation: Form 1065

  • Fiduciaries Tax Preparation: Form 1041

  • Corporation Tax Preparation: Form 1120, 1120S

  • Charities & Non-Profits Tax Preparation: Form 990

  • Estate & Gift Tax Preparation: Form 706

Get started today our services have no long-term contracts and are set up to be customized to your CPA firm's individual needs. Give us a call or fill out our simple contact form.

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