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Why Email Marketing Works for CPAs in 2021

Email marketing remained the core component of digital marketing for years. It seemed that email marketing had faded. In reality, it still remains one of the most effective components in digital marketing. The new normal of remote working and client interactions mean email marketing will remain an effective tool.

CPAs are advisors and consultants of businesses. The curated content through email marketing can build trust with clients further. It will help you stand out from the crowd and create a personalized touch with your existing clients. Email Marketing has seen one of the highest conversion rates too, which means more new clients for you.

A resounding question that many CPA firms ask, is email marketing still in trend? Is it worth spending on it? Let us see how effective it is.

Email Marketing Trends

Hubspot revealed some fascinating email marketing trends covered by LITMUS, one of the leading email marketing firms.

  1. 78% of marketers witnessed increased email engagement.

  2. 73% of marketers consider email an important tool for successful marketing campaigns.

  3. 49% of marketers planned to increase the budgets for email marketing.

  4. The ROI with email marketing spending is $36 to $ 1.

  5. Email marketing generated 52% more reviews in 2020 than the previous year.

As an accountant, the ROI on email marketing must catch your attention. Done correctly, email marketing can bring long-term business partnerships. Remote working and digitization mean more digital work in the future. There are no two ways of saying it, the email marketing trends will rise for the year 2021 and beyond.

Email Marketing for CPA firms

CPA firms rely too often too heavily on seasonal clients. Customer retention and diversification of revenue streams for the rest of the year remain challenging. Email marketing along with other digital marketing components can end your reliance on seasonal sales.

Consider digital marketing as a strategic marketing approach rather a simple newsletter. It can create an effective and personalized link with your clients.

Here are a few tips to think about the WHY of email marketing if you haven’t started yet:

  1. A wider reach to the customer base that builds a consistent revenue stream.

  2. Boost client engagements with curated email marketing content.

  3. Provide the most valuable service to your clients, i.e. information they seek.

  4. Keep your clients informed and updated with the regulatory changes.

  5. Create a personalized touch with clients through a consistent email strategy.

  6. Diversify your CPA business revenue streams with less reliance on seasonal sales.

Email marketing can accelerate your business sales. The digital marketing trends will see a surge in the coming years as more businesses adapt to automation.

Best Practices with Email Marketing

You probably would have built an email list already. It’s never too late to get things started anyway. All you need is to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Consider email marketing as an integral component of it.

Remember, as with digital marketing, the quality of your email content will yield the best results for you. Automating the newsletter and sending random emails would likely end up in the spam folders of your clients. Make them informative and readable as much as possible.

Here are a few tips to get going with your effective email marketing strategy.

Create Informative Content

Share the knowledgeable content with your clients. Make the emails readable and valuable for them. Your clients wouldn’t show interest in tax calculations within emails.

Stay Consistent

Think of digital marketing as a strategic plan for your business. It wouldn’t yield results in a jiffy for you. Take a long-term route with digital marketing. Create consistent and compelling content through emails that retain the link with your clients.

Create Content as a Business Advisor

This shouldn’t limit to your email marketing campaigns only. Customers expect much more than tax advice from CPAs these days. Broadening your advisory services will strengthen your business. Apply the same rule here with email marketing. Do not divert from the core of the business though.

Do Not Pitch With Every Email

Your prime objective is to offer services through emails and create conversions. Doing it too often wouldn’t get results. Keep the content and offer emails in a good mix. Do not forget to pitch your services, but never overdo it.

Create Alerts on Regulatory Updates

Sending timely alerts on regulatory changes, tax credit updates, or even calendar reminders will create a sense of loyalty with your clients. It will prove a tool for offering value to your clients rather a sales pitch.

Partner with PRANSFORM to Boost your Business

At Pransform, we realized the need for digital marketing services for our partners. We see huge potentials for digital marketing growth in the Financial Service industry. The future indicators are all encouraging to adapt to the modern tools of marketing. Email marketing remains an effective component of digital marketing.

We know the inside out of the CPA firms’ needs and their clients. Now, we’ll empower you with digital marketing tools that are collaborative, cross-device, and customized.

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