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  • What is Pransform about?
    Pransform, Inc. is one of the premier providers of reliable, cost-effective, and high quality outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, tax-preparation, payroll processing and digital marketing services. Our services exclusively cater to CPAs, accounting firms, bookkeeping firms, tax preparation firms, enrolled agents, outsourced CFOs, and QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Our team of experts has extensive experience in US-specific accounting and taxation. Pransform has been delivering accurate and effective outsourcing services to a growing family of delighted clients for over 10 years, performing hundreds of thousands of transactions in diverse verticals.
  • Where is Pransform located and what is the team size?
    Pransform is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA. We have our delivery office in Bangkok, Thailand & New Delhi India. We have around 100 Employees in total including all our offices.
  • When was Pransform established?
    Pransform was established in 2003. We are a well-funded organization and growing quickly.
  • How will my project be handled if I outsource to Pransform Inc ?
    Remote Login: Processing straight into your server – this method is the most preferred choice of our customers. On Cloud: If you have a subscription to software like QuickBooks online or Xero SaaS model, etc. This method is emerging as a new choice. Offline: The least preferred but available. For bookkeeping only.
  • What makes Pransform Inc unique?
    We believe that accountants and tax professionals can make the most positive difference in people's lives. Hence, in everything we do, we strive to make accounting and tax professionals sustainably successful. The way we make them successful is by making their life easier, more rewarding and more impactful. And we happen to provide great back office processing services and technology solutions to accounting and tax professionals. We are aiming to become a one-stop solution for all your back office support needs so that you can focus on growing your business and maintaining client relationships. By leveraging Pransform, our clients gain back precious time that they can allocate toward serving clients with greater levels of analysis and insight, as well as more time for their families and personal pursuits.
  • What are the services you provide?
    Accounting Outsourcing Services Financial Analysis Budgeting / Cash Flow Clean Up of Your Accounting Books Financial Statements and Reports Monthly, Quarterly, Year-end Review Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Accounts Setup Bookkeeping Write Ups Fixed Asset Bank/ Credit Card Reconciliation Payroll Processing Inventory Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services Individual Tax Returns: Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR C-corporation and S-corporation Returns Partnerships Tax Preparation: Form 1065 Fiduciaries Tax Preparation: Form 1041 Corporation Tax Preparation: Form 1120, 1120S Charities & Non-Profits Tax Preparation: Form 990 Estate & Gift Tax Preparation: Form 706 Tax-exempt organization returns Payroll Outsourcing Input timesheet Reporting to CAP Biweekly & monthly payroll Calculated payroll taxes Digital Transformation Digital Strategy Digital Marketing Web & App Development Content Creation
  • Are your services Cost Effective?
    Yes, we do have certified teams and it’s much cheaper compared to outsourcing in the USA
  • What are the qualifications/skill levels of your back office employees?
    Most of our bookkeeping staff are QBO Pro Advisor and Xero certified. Tax staff comprises Qualified Chartered Accountants from India, LL.B. Some employees are pursuing Enrolled Agent status; they have accumulated knowledge of Direct & Indirect Tax for almost 5-6 years. Senior tax staff members have more than 10 years experience in the tax vertical.
  • How does Pransform approach security with respect to financial and client data?
    Regarding the security of sensitive financial data, please rest assured that more than adequate data security measures are taken in our systems on the premises. For safe & secure, please direct to the 'Our Approach' section on this page :
  • Do you have the adequate infrastructure and technology to support my business processes?
    Our remote team provides you with domain expertise and business process scalability: Read about the Accounting & Tax software we use, team accreditation, and quality assurance here: Read about the Digital Transformation platforms we work with, one-stop solutions, and agile project management here:
  • Do you sign non-disclosure agreements and SLA's? Can you share a sample with us?
    Yes, we do share NDA’s and SLA’s. Please reach us at for more details.
  • What if I am not satisfied with the work? Can I stop your services in between the contract?
    Yes, we don’t usually sign a contract for bookkeeping or tax services. If we are signing a contract for long-term work, we would go deep to understand why you are not satisfied and what is the issue. We will try our best to resolve that but yes, you can stop the contract based on mutual agreement.
  • How do I sign-off a contract or work order?
    We are confident that our team won’t let this happen. Still in case it happens, yes you can revoke the services as per the mutual contracts.
  • If I outsource to Pransform Inc, how will I be paying you?
    You can pay us by Direct bank transfer, Chase Quick Pay request, PayPal or Zelle.
  • I want to outsource to Pransform Inc. What should I do?
    You can reach us on
  • How will communication take place between us?
    Communication can be done on email/phone/Skype/WhatsApp.
  • What do I tell my Clients about who is preparing their return?
    Bookkeeping Preparation disclosure: One or more subcontractor/s (located within or outside the U.S.) may assist us in the preparation of your accounting books. The subcontractor/s has/have established procedures and controls designated to maintain data security and protect client confidentiality. Our firm remains responsible for exercising reasonable care in preparing your books, and your financial statements will be subjected to our firm’s quality control procedures. Tax Preparation disclosure: Your tax return may be processed by an outside tax computer processing center or IRS authorized and licensed foreign Tax preparer. Please advise us/me if you prefer that we/I request extra security or forgo the outside processing altogether. For further information, please refer to the following resource:
  • Does your Back office staff consult my client?
    We can if you want or allow us to do so. We can also white label and talk on your behalf. Say we get an id on your company address and talk as your employee. This helps you reduce the client's communication time.
  • What is the response time of my query?
    24-48 hours for a new query For existing clients 12-24 hours
  • How do you ensure that my files and data are completely secure?
    Pransform comprehensively protects privacy and confidentiality of client data. 1) DATA SECURITY Access to the company’s computer network is protected by Firewalls of international standard. Workstation access is specific to each staff member, controlled through passwords and governed through centralized policies controlled through the server. No workstation has public email access or floppy /CD /DVD drives / USB drives. FTP access is available to select few with automated-logs of activities done (used for file 
transfers between client and our servers). Public chat messengers are not allowed on any computers and none of the user 
machines can download and install any software. Access to national or international dialing is controlled through unique ids given to each 
staff member and each call can be logged. Access to printer, photocopier and fax is also controlled through unique ids and the 
usage is monitored. Access to various websites is permitted only on need basis and log is maintained and 
reviewed. By default all websites are blocked and users have to make a specific request, authorized by the managers, to the IT administrator to permit access to any specific website. The management periodically reviews the list of authorized websites. Screen shots of each computer are logged at periodic intervals and reviewed. Top management has utilities by which it can view the monitor of any computer from their own desktop. This fact has been explained clearly to all employees that it is the right of the company to do so and the company will do it without any prior notice to any employee. The reasoning has also been explained that the safety, security and 
confidentiality of client data are of paramount importance. As a standard method, our staff works in your servers through a remote desktop 
connectivity and hence all the data is stored only in your systems. If you need us to maintain transaction data, it is safe and secure with the abovementioned arrangements. 2) PHYSICAL SECURITY Pransform’s processing office premises are in a commercial complex having general access security at the entrance. The office premises are highly secure with separate electronically controlled access to main office and additional access control for operations areas. Intrusion detectors during off hours. Direct, automated link to 24 X 7 security service provider – who monitors the office round 
the clock. Specified management members get calls if office is opened or not closed at 
pre-defined office hours. Closed circuit TV cameras throughout the premises with monitoring by the management. Invisible alarm set offs for emergencies. Locker room for staff to keep their personal belongings. Personal mobile phones are not 
allowed to be carried into operations area. 3) LEGAL SECURITY We sign off “non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement” with each client. On top of it, we have “Computer use policy” and “Employee confidentiality agreement” signed off with each employee that can enable us to take legal actions in case of a breach.
  • Do I have to outsource my entire project, or am I allowed picking certain tasks that I want to outsource?
    Yes, each of our plans is built on the premise that you pay only for the actual work done. We assure you productivity so you can be confident of the per hour output. Hiring, training, review, management - all on us!
  • What are your working hours?
    We work on GMT +7 time. However, you can drop us an email at and our team will get back to you within 12 hours. Also, if it’s urgent you can reach us 24*7 at +1(312)265-5875.
  • Do you provide a free trial? Or can you share a sample of your work?
    Yes, we do provide a free trial or sample work.
  • Do you sign 1099?
    No, we don’t sign unless a client asks us to do so.
  • Do you provide Payroll services ? How does it work?
    Yes, we do provide payroll services. Please read the details here
  • What software do you use for Tax?
    We use client’s software and do work on it. If you want us to advise you on it, we can do so as well.
  • How can I sign up for a free trial with you?
    Just reach out to our team on and we will assign a project manager that will help you proceed with trial based on what services you opt for working with Pransform.
  • Can you provide an example/more details on how you work with the software platform each CPA might have:
    We access the client's system via a remote desktop (Software like Anydesk, TeamViewer, etc. for offline work). For Lacerte, as an example, they can assign access to their project manager's email. Typically what we suggest is, the client should assign a dedicated PC/Desktop to us and keep it running with adding relevant folders/tasks for us and inform us while they go home. So, by the time they come back in the morning, work is done and ready for review with a report. This helps in increasing productivity due to time differences. Read more
  • Will you need to obtain your client’s consent prior to outsourcing their tax preparation to us?
    AICPA, Ethics Ruling No. 1 Under Rule 301 holds that using an outside service bureau for processing client tax returns would not constitute the release of confidential client information and therefore would not require specific client consent in accordance with the provisions of Rule 301, Confidential Client Information. Additionally, specific client consent would not be required provided the member enters into a contractual agreement with the service provider to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s information and the member is reasonably assured that the service provider has appropriate procedures in place to prevent the unauthorized release of confidential client information. For 1040 returns, however, IRS section 7216 specifies that the taxpayer must agree and sign a form consenting to the disclosure. See Revenue Procedure 2013-14, section 5.04(e) for specific language that must be included in the consent form. Contact Us to receive the standard template of the consent form. Your clients trust you to prepare their tax returns. They appreciate the stress and stretch that you go through during the tax season. And generally they would not mind you taking some help to have sanity in your life during the demanding tax season. You assure them that you will do the final review before filing their return and you are accountable to them, as before. Pransform has processed tax returns for multiple tax preparation firms so it is not a new thing. Here is what one of our clients very aptly summarized the experience of working with Pransform during the 2014 season.
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